Natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal

Frequent consumption of alcohol leads to a chronic disorder known as alcoholism. Puffy face and bloodshot eyes are often indicators of alcoholism. Drinking leads to development of a hoarse voice and a rapid pulse. If you are planning to stop drinking alcohol then it is definitely tough but a wise decision. However, since alcohol is an addiction, it takes more than just a strong will to get rid of it. Therefore, you can always rely on natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal, in order to overcome this unhealthy habit. It is a well-known fact that alcohol dependence is not good for health because it causes few long-term health problems such as liver damage, cirrhosis, kidney problems, heart disease, anxiety disorder, impotence, decreased immunity, etc. In addition, the high sugar content in alcoholic beverages increases the risk of obesity.

Grains are great for promoting healthier digestion and absorption of nutrients to the cells. They promote better functioning of the nervous system, improve clarity and focus, concentration, and prevent heart palpitations and irritability that can occur during alcohol withdrawal. In addition, grains help to detoxify the body and they decrease the potential side effects of drugs and narcotics. The simplest way to take advantage of the positive effects of grain is to include them in larger amounts in your everyday diet. Combine them with frozen fruit for more delicious meals. If you still feel the need for alcohol, grains and chocolate can suppress the appetite for liquor, because they will provide the necessary nutrients and sugar. Therefore, cereals are one of very good natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal.

Massage works wonders for many medical situations and problems. It stimulates blood circulation, relieves stress and tension, helps the body to relax, and speeds up the detoxification with promotion of toxins and waste products from the body. Massage is also one of the most pleasant natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal. To use massage as household remedy to stop drinking alcohol, use a cream that has the effect of heating or a towel that you will first soak in warm water. Taking a hot shower before the massage and alternating of cold and warm water can also help, as it induces a feeling of relaxation and reduces the risk of alcohol consumption as a result of an overload of stress, fatigue, nervousness or anxiety.

Natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal – Pets

Therapy with the help of a pet is one of the most effective natural remedies for alcohol withdrawal. You should bring home a pet that you are interested in. This can be a dog, cat, fish, parrot, rabbit, or anything else. Of course, you should choose your pet according to your lifestyle, temperament, and how much space you have available. Otherwise, the pet will be just an addition to your stress. There should be a good chemistry between you and your pet. The studies have shown that pets make their owners more responsible, which has a positive effect on your decision to fight with alcoholism. The effect of touching and cuddling pets has a calming impact on pet owners that is great for alcoholic addicts. In addition, pets like dogs and cats will not judge you and will give you unconditional love and affection.

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