A few natural remedy for spider veins

People who work all the time have problems with leg cramps, clotted blood in the veins of the legs, and other issues that affect their health. The veins found in the legs have the hardest job because they have to carry the blood back to the heart, which means they are the most pressured veins in the whole body. That pressure can sometimes cause them to enlarge and be visible close to the skin. That condition is called spider veins, as the entire intertwined veins look exactly like a spider web. It is not such a serious condition, although it causes plenty of discomfort, and rarely, pain. In order to get rid of spider veins in the comfort of your own home, there are some home remedies which will help you with your blood circulation. We will mention a few of the natural remedy for spider veins list.

Spider veins appear mostly in the legs, due to the pressure that the legs endure and the fact that the veins in the legs are responsible for carrying the blood back to the heart. If you are one of those people who are running around all day, then you are definitely prone to developing this condition. The symptoms by which you can recognize this condition are a mild to medium burning or tickling sensation in your legs, and itching. As we mentioned before, it is not a serious condition, but it requires action in order to not develop into something more serious. There are plenty of home remedies that you can try, which will help you with this condition. The first natural remedy for spider veins that you could try requires witch-hazel. It is known that distilled witch-hazel has a soothing effect on varicosities, so apply it on areas where spider veins are visible. It will also help strengthen your blood vessels, which is important in the battle with spider veins. It will be of a great help if you take vitamin C, vitamin E and bioflavonoids, which are known to be helpful with increasing circulation.

The second natural remedy for spider veins that you could try is made out of horse-chestnut seed. Out of all the herbs, this seed is the greatest reliever of pain, swelling and itching caused by spider veins. Scientific studies have proven that horse-chestnut seeds are great for improving circulation and diminishing inflammation, while strengthening the blood vessels and the capillaries. A mixture of the previously mentioned distilled witch-hazel and the horse-chestnut seed should be applied on the affected areas. It must be mentioned that the recipe requires 10 tinctures of distilled witch-hazel and 1 tincture of horse-chestnut seed. It will not be of harm if you also take horse-chestnut seed in the form of pills. The proposed dosage is three 500-milligram pills a day, for about three months. It takes a bit of time to see the effect, but it is worth the wait.

Natural remedy for spider veins

The third natural remedy for spider veins that you could try is made out of bilberry extract. It is known that this extract is jumpstarting forming of new capillaries, and it also strengthens them. For the first results, you need to wait at least two months, so take 20 to 40 milligrams of bilberry extract three times a day, combined with vitamin C. Vitamin C also helps with the strengthening of the blood vessels. After about two and a half months, the first results are visible.

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